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Where are the jobs?

In addition to transforming your resume (and cover letter) from higher ed to corporate language, we often get asked where to start with regard to finding open positions. Here we share key sites or resources that we have found helpful. Bookmark this blog because we’ll come back to it and update as we learn of other great resources for positions. We’ve categorized as best as we can but we’re not familiar with all of these companies so feel free to let us know if we missed something.

Remote Jobs

Remote Work Junkie Top 100 Companies Hiring Remotely

Talent Development

Human Resources Jobs

Non Profit/ Purpose Driven

Ed Adjacent/Ed Tech

We often get asked how to know if a company is “good” — the list of GSV’s Top 150 EdTech companies is a great resource. 

Jobsearch databases

Education-Focused Venture Capital Portfolio Jobs Boards

Other Useful Resources

Access our ever-growing list of 100+ EdTech companies in higher education and K-12 by requesting access to the google doc here. Bookmark this doc because we’ll be adding to it on an ongoing basis. This will also subscribe you to our website where you’ll receive updates about our podcast and new blog posts.

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  1. I often post about job search topics and even more often, I search for job-related content online. I have seen many posts online and didn’t comment but I am commeting here only to say that your post is really comprehensive and useful. I’m glad I came across it. Thank you.

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