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1:1 Consulting Packages & Pricing

First and foremost, we have created our podcast and this adventure to give back to others. We enjoy chatting with, and supporting professionals as they consider pivoting out of campus-based positions. Therefore, we try to keep our prices lower than others we have seen because we know folx coming from education do not make high salaries. That said, we do charge because when we provide this service, we are taking time away from our family and friends.

Please note that since Jaimie & Tom are employed full-time and want to give their best to our consulting clients, we only take a certain number at any given time. Please do not be offended if we write asking you to wait before we can meet with you. Also, note that we require 5-10 business days to give feedback so if you are in a hurry we may not be your best bet.


Jaimie & Tom’s Services
Resume Revision/Review*
You give us your resume draft and tell us what type of role you’re looking to pursue, we do the first revision. Then we meet to finalize and bring it home to a version we both feel great about!
Cover Letter Review*
We provide you with a template and have you create a first draft in alignment with our template. We will give you feedback on your draft and then we meet to finalize and make it awesome.
Resume & Cover Letter Package
See above
Mock Interviewing
– Sample questions
– 30 min mock interviews with feedback
Negotiation Support
– 1 thirty-minute consultation
– Email & messaging support
LinkedIn Review
We will review your profile, email you feedback and then meet for 30 minutes to either (you decided) talk through our feedback or review the updated version of your profile live.
Advice Sessions

$50 per 30 min* for 1:1

Jaimie’s Coaching Services: Planning & Visioning + Additional Guidance

Sometimes our clients aren’t quite sure what they want to do or where you want to go and need some reflection and planning support? Jaimie is a trained Career Transition, Executive, and life coach and leverages this information to help clients identify their future career paths. As a result of this process, 100% of Jaimie’s visioning clients have identified a career path they are excited about pursuing.
Pivoting Planning/Visioning
After you register and pay for this service, you will be sent a career assessment (not one we had heard of from our higher ed days) and reflection questions to answer. Once you have answered the questions, you’ll have a synchronous meeting with Jaimie where you’ll dig into some more questions and end up identifying 1-3 career paths you want to pursue.

Pivoting Planning/Visioning + Resume and Cover Letter
Pivoting planning plus Resume and cover letter package as stated above, PLUS (for a limited time, you will receive a FREE copy of Jaimie’s book, Exploring New Paths: A Workbook for Educators Considering Career Pivots
Guide On the Side
Jaimie offers a 1, 2, and 3-month “guide on the side” support to clients she feels could benefit from continued support through the job search journey or transition to their new role. We schedule weekly or bi-weekly appointments based on client need.
Shared upon request

Consulting Registration Form

Ready to get started? We’re excited to start working with you!

First, determine what support you need. If you are pretty clear on what career path (e.g. career roles like learning and development or customer success) you want to pursue next, either Jaimie or Tom can support you with resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn needs.

If you need some help figuring out your next steps, Jaimie offers pivot planning and visioning that will help you get to a career path. To learn more about our consultants you can review the About Us page. Sometimes we may move clients to the other consultant based on bandwidth but we’ll let you know in advance. Consulting services are available virtually or face-to-face (obviously depending on where you live in proximity to Jaimie and Tom).

Refund policy: Sorry, we do not offer refunds.

Note: Tom is on a hiatus through the Fall 2023 while he relocates

Electronic Gift Card

Purchase an electronic gift card to support someone in your life who is looking for the next step in their career. Click here to purchase a Consulting Services Electronic Gift Card.

Group Support

Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and join our LinkedIn Group: EDU Pivoters for tips and job postings.

Getting real

While Drs. Hoffman and Studdert have advised hundreds of people in their careers and pivots and have a cumulative 40 years of higher education experience, neither hold coaching or career certifications or are certified experts. 75% of our clients have landed an interview within 2 weeks of working with us and 62% get a new role within 6-12 months. While we would love to be able to guarantee that you get a position after working with us, unfortunately, we can not make any guarantees. The current economy has impacted the time it takes for our clients to secure new roles and we are seeing longer search processes needed. But, you bet your booty we will celebrate with you when you do get that position that allows you to pivot! If we do not think we can help you, we will do our best to refer you to someone in our network who might be a better fit. 

In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, Tom and Jaimie will not be able to refer consulting clients to our current workplaces.

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